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The Process Starts With You

When building a custom home, Turley Construction Marin starts the process with you. How do you use your home? What design style resonates with you? What do you like and dislike about your current home?

By focusing on your needs, Turley Construction can truly build the home of your dreams.

Turley Construction Marin is currently working on this new, modern construction in St. Anselmo, Marin County.

10 Essential Questions to Ask Turley Construction Marin

Building and remodeling are large undertakings. These projects are exciting and we want you to feel the excitement. At Turley Construction we enjoy what we do and it’s important to us that the experience for our clients is equally enjoyable.

The most important thing to do when considering a large building project is to pause and take a deep breath. Do in-depth research before hiring a contractor. Ask the right questions.

Here are 10 essential questions to ask a builder before hiring them.

This one might seem an obvious question to ask a contractor before working with them, but you would be surprised how many people skip this simple yet all-important question and often end up suffering as a result. A good, reputable contractor will be happy to show proof of insurance. They will often showcase this on their website, marketing materials, and even offer it up in conversation, which only adds to their credibility. Do yourself a huge favor and ask them if they’re insured, regardless of whether or not they were referred to you by even your best friend.

The homes we build and renovate are in California and we are fully insured.

A good builder will happily provide you with a list of references. This is not an unrealistic expectation. Ask for a list of recent references (clients they’ve worked with within the past 2-3 years). Create a list of specific questions you’d like to ask these individuals to help guide the conversation. Ask questions regarding timelines, communication, and quality of the work. Keep in mind that some delays are unpredictable, but previous clients can offer insight into how their timelines were affected and more importantly, how well the builder communicated the details throughout the process.

Lastly, a good builder will also happily showcase their work by either providing photos, and maybe even a tour of homes they’ve built, if the owner is willing.

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Most construction companies use skilled trusted subcontractors to help complete the job. At Turley Construction we may do construction, architecture, and interior design, and self perform many of the trades, but we still subcontract some of the work because it is efficient. Hiring trusted professionals in a particular field helps ensure the quality of the work completed is done with the utmost precision to deliver exceptional results. Our team has built a solid reputation with the subcontractors and tradespeople we work with, many of whom we’ve worked with for years. They are insured and we trust them.

An experienced builder anticipates that problems can occur. Homes are very intricately designed structures that involved a handful of different people to build, so unforeseen issues can happen. With this in mind, a trusted builder should have a plan in place to take care of these issues within a respectable amount of time.

A builder who is open to ‘allowances’ gives you control of the selection of supplies and control over the budget. A builder who offers a fixed bid will have a set number of specific items and materials you can choose from.

Allowances offer the ability for the client to set the cost of the project that works within your overall budget. The client will have the freedom to choose from the builder’s suggested materials at his quoted price, or go with something you have specifically chosen for the project. Ultimately you have the freedom to spend the money where you want to spend it.

At Turley Construction, our best advice is to find a builder who will be involved in the entire process – from design, to planning, construction, and follow-up.

There’s nothing like actually seeing, touching, and feeling the materials that are intended to be used in the construction of your home. A good builder will let you see specification sheets of all materials that will be used, along with samples that you can experience for yourself. Certain materials come with specific warranties that you will want to be aware of before buying. A good builder knows how to communicate all of these details to their clients.

Question #8 – How Many Years Have You Been In Business and How Many Homes Have You Built?

Question #9 – When And How Can I Make Changes Or Upgrades Throughout The Building Process?

Homes in process are a great way to check for workmanship and material quality. To the extent we can do this during Covid, we will give you every opportunity possible to view current projects. We also invite you to view some of our projects online.