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I contracted Turley construction for a remodel of two bathrooms, one kitchen, and additional family room work in our 99-year old San Francisco craftsman-style home. I had received quotes from other construction firms — some cheaper, some more expensive. I chose Turley construction because I had a positive referral from another customer, and because Shannon was taking great care to listen to what we needed, and showed that he would be someone we’d want to work with. We also hired an architect to do some design work for our master bathroom, but chose to make most of the additional design choices ourselves, with Shannon’s help.

The construction process went very well, even considering all the surprises that you’re bound to run into when remodeling a home nearly a century old. Crews were on site each week, putting in at least 3 full days a week of work, so steady progress was made. Shannon was available every week for walkthroughs, and would meet ad-hoc whenever we needed him to talk through an idea or an important decision. Permitting was a breeze and was cheaper than expected.

We made a good number of changes throughout the process, some significant ones. This included lots of additional power, plumbing lines, home audio, and more. Shannon and his team were extremely accommodating. Any change request was always met with careful thinking about how we might be able to accomplish it. Shannon came up with some creative and economical solutions to workaround problems. For example, when our refrigerator didn’t quite fit with enough clearance, he and his team were able to custom-cut and repaint our kitchen cabinets to make space, and add a digital fan to ensure it was properly ventilated. Each time, we found a way to get the job done and move forward.

The results were great, and we love our updated home! Best of all, we were able to move in just before the pandemic created a lock-down, so we were able to enjoy our new home in a finished state.

I would definitely recommend Turley construction for my next project.

Anyone who is looking for a reliable general contractor need look no further than Turley Construction.  We found Shannon on a referral from our real estate broker and will never use anyone else again.  He is responsive, thorough, reasonably priced, a great craftsman, and he listens.  His first project was general infrastructure repairs on a 1930s house we’d bought in Burlingame.  Among other chores, he rebuilt the deteriorated wood framing holding up the front brick steps leading up to the entry, steam cleaned them, and they look like new.  A year later we brought him back to completely remodel the kitchen and bath, the latter of which was an amateurish affair that he had to bring up to code, all of which he accomplished with complete professionalism, even discovering a dead space behind one wall that got us a bigger shower.  Now, even when we have a problem that is not worth his time, I know I can call him and get good advice on who to call or how to proceed.  We’re Turley Construction for life.

After purchasing our first home in the Outer Sunset, we discovered substantial dry rot damage that had been caused by an exterior ramp and balcony constructed some years prior.  We were new to home ownership and repairs, and it was initially challenging for us to find a trustworthy and committed contractor.  Fortunately, a friend recommended Turley Construction.  Shannon Turley scheduled a meeting within just a few days of our request.  He was patient and listened to our concerns and preferences.  He provided an estimate that seemed fair and thorough for the work that was completed, which included demolition of two existing balconies and a ramp, repair of dry rot, replacement of siding, installation of new outdoor lighting, and painting.  He accommodated last-minute requests with grace and helped us make decisions when we weren’t sure what to do.  He was readily available by text or phone and kept us informed, and patiently answered our questions.  His crew were kind and polite.  They were very respectful and thoughtful of the fact that we have children.  They cleaned up their work mess each day.  The work that Turley Construction completed is of extremely high quality and has transformed the back of our house!  I would recommend Turley Construction to anyone who desires a thoughtful, communicative, and skilled contractor that will complete top-notch work!

Shannon has done two jobs for us. In 2017 when we bought our house, Shannon worked with us on a very tight timeline to wire the house for internet before we moved in. This involved ripping up parts of the walls on all four stories so the A/V people could run the wires, and re-sheetrocking, mudding and painting the walls. The walls look as if they were never cut open and it all happened quickly. In 2018 Shannon took on a much bigger project consisting of remediating the considerable rot around our house from mysterious water intrusion over the years – siding, windows, doors, deck, roof, as well as a new paint job.

Shannon was very thorough in protecting the floors, walls and furniture, and cleaning up at the end of each day. We would barely notice his team was there by the end of the day, which is a very different experience than we’ve had in prior renovations. Shannon was amazing at communicating with us all throughout the process (and I’m a big texter so I appreciated his clear text communications!). What I’ve learned over the years is that every job will have unexpected discoveries, delays and changes in scope, so the important thing is working with someone who is honest and who communicates well. Shannon is all that, not to mention utterly fastidious. He is a very honest, intelligent person who does tremendous work. I would recommend him without reservation.

I met Shannon in 2016 when my husband and I started looking for a home in San Francisco.  Shannon even came with me to a few fixer upper houses to give a ballpark estimate for what it would take to renovate them.  Shannon worked to fully renovate our entire house once we closed, including bringing the kitchen and existing bathroom down to the studs, opening walls, creating an entirely new master bathroom and bedroom, living room and backyard.  He worked seamlessly with our vision and showed himself to be a savvy plans coordinator with the city. Our house was built in the 1930’s, and needed extensive updating, from the HVAC system to the electrical system.  I recommended Shannon to everyone I knew who needed a contractor – and those friends have recommended him on to others.  One of Shannon’s best attributes is his excellent communication.  He was able to talk us through the various options and when anything changed, he explained the impacts of these choices.  His communication allowed us to better plan and know what to expect at the end. He’s a funny, professional, trustworthy contractor and I feel lucky to know him.